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The Lab for Neurobiology of Social Behavior


Video tracking system


Automated ultrasonic vocalization analysis

Movement Monitoring System

For assessing movements during social interaction tests


DL model for mouse USVs detection

Modular Electrode Array
for Multi-site Recordings from Freely Moving RodentsĀ 


Paris Decartes University

David Hansel

Carole Levenes

Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Joseph Buxbaum

Hala Harony-Nicolas

University of Heidelberg

Valery Grinevich

Hebrew University

Yosi Yarom

Sagiv Shifman

The Technion

Dori Derdikman

Amit Zeisel

Reichman University

Yacov (Toky) Hel-Or

Weizmann Institute

Alon Chen

Tali kimchi